Fired, Furloughed and Freaking Out: How to Recover


Remember that show, The Apprentice? You know, the show where one contestant was fired each week until a single person remained and got the major promotion? That show was a guilty pleasure for many of us back in the day. It was mindless entertainment. We made predictions about who would be the next to be canned and laughed at the ruthlessness of the competitors.

Remember that deer-in-the-headlights expression that the competitors had when it became clear that the conversation was heading toward their dismissal? For those of us who have lost a job, this familiar expression captures the panic and dread inherent with the firing experience.

How Being Fired Affects Us and How to Overcome it:

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Living with Finesse By Dr. Teyhou Smyth

Dr. Teyhou Smyth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#115137) and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the Graduate School of Education & Psychology.