Recognizing and Repairing Relationship Distress Signs



  • Studies show that most people entering a relationship overlook flaws and place greater emphasis on their potential partner’s positive traits.
  • A common sign of relationship distress is when one partner struggles to feel and express emotions, which can block connection.
  • Feeling the need to be “perfect” in a relationship could be a sign of not feeling completely accepted by one’s partner.

In every relationship, there are challenges of one type or another. All of us are flawed and imperfect, and in trying to maintain a long-term relationship, conflict is bound to happen. Some distress signs in a relationship may emerge subtly over time, making them more difficult to clearly identify. These types of difficulties can cause people to feel generally dissatisfied with their relationship, but without a solid explanation for why they feel that way.

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Living with Finesse By Dr. Teyhou Smyth

Dr. Teyhou Smyth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#115137) and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the Graduate School of Education & Psychology.